June: A Most Popular Month

It ceases to amaze me why, for whatever the reason, June continues to be a very popular wedding month.  Is it because kids are out of school, weather in most parts of the country is not that hot yet or people have just been setting June dates for so long?  For those beginning to look at venues for large weddings in Wine Country, they are pretty much out of luck.

Here is where small, no more than 26 people, midweek weddings win out.  Lodging and ceremony sites along with photographers and officiates are available.  One of our venues is a 44 room inn.  They sell out on the weekends especially in the fall during harvest and crush.  The best advice is to make your plans now being the middle of February.  If you are interested in a September or October date now is again the best time.  These months are high season in Wine Country.  It’s very busy.  You are on the website, check everything out, click on Our Services, then Customize Your Wedding, fill out the form and Send it.

I have been promising 2 new venues on the website for the last couple of months offering weekend ceremonies.  Problems have arisen and they are not there yet.  In the meantime, one is a B & B outside of Healdsburg in Sonoma with limited guests.  The other is a private estate near Calistoga in Napa allowing a large number of guest.  Please call me if you want information on these.

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