The Purpose of CWCWP

Having traveled to Wine Country for so many years as a travel agent promoting wine tours, I saw two things.  The first was that the cost of weekend weddings could be astronomical.  The second was that no one was promoting week day ceremonies. The venues were excited about this because of the possibility of extra revenues.  By choosing to limit the number of participants to a total of 26, I could keep costs down.  This is especially good for those wine lovers looking for a destination wedding and don’t want to spend an arm and leg.

I have recently received requests for an “inexpensive wedding” filled in where a dollar amount is requested after Budget on the Customize Your Wedding Form on the CWCWP website.  If you want my assistance, you must fill out the form completely.  An inexpensive wedding to me is the ceremony performed in the County Clerk of Court’s Office in Santa Rosa or the City of Napa and staying in an inexpensive motel in either city.  That’s budget or inexpensive.

The variables when planning a wedding are lodging, number of guests and site rental fees.  Everything else:  officiate, photographer, floral, cake and hair and make-up is fixed.  Wine Country is not inexpensive.  When I receive a vaguely filled out form.  It is impossible for me to proceed.

My first step is to reply to your email and ask that you fill out the form completely.  When I receive it, I will call you to work out the specifics.  My company philosophy is that I want to speak with each of my clients.

Wine Country is a wonderful place for a wedding!

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